Winners! 2023 Colouring Competition

Micah’s colouring in entry as a thumbnail for the blog post

Written by Alisa Beagley

Alisa is the author of The Origin of Sword Master series. Her hobbies include writing and illustrating superhero stories, playing film score music on the piano, running her YouTube channel, making comics and graphic novels, composing dramatic music, reading, photography and videography.

November 10, 2023

Results are here for the Sword Master 2023 Colouring Competition! This page features the winning entries (plus 2nd, 3rd and runners-up). Find out if you are a winner here.

There were some amazing entries this year. Congratulations to everyone who entered! It was very difficult to pick a winner with such good artworks. But there can only be one winner for each category.

Note: There were no entries in Category 3, and only my siblings entering in Category 2, so there will only be Category 1’s announcements.

1st Place:

Micah’s entry


Judges commented that they “loved the colours, great shading and the light reflection from the moon on the buildings is cool” and the “lighting/shading/use of colour”. I like the level of detail used for highlights, shadows and the background.

2nd Place:

Stephanie’s entry


Judges commented on the neatness of this artwork. I personally liked the way the background had greyer tones to allow Sword Master to really stand out in the foreground.

3rd Place:

Kirsten’s entry


Judges commented on the “neat and cool shading effects” and how they loved the “different interpretation”. I think the sunset/lighter scene looks great!


Violet’s entry


A judge’s comment on this one was: “love the use of lighting from the moon on the buildings”. I find the yellow behind Sword Master adds an eye catching kind of contrast to the image.

Noah’s entry


Although this entry didn’t receive any specific comments from the judges, I loved it. The lighting has a really interesting effect, particularly with the choice of colours on the buildings in the background.


Everyone did so well in this competition. All the judges told me it was incredibly difficult to choose a specific winner. Every artwork had its own strengths… everyone’s a winner in my opinion!

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