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Written by Alisa Beagley

Alisa is the author of The Origin of Sword Master series. Her hobbies include writing and illustrating superhero stories, playing film score music on the piano, running her YouTube channel, making comics and graphic novels, composing dramatic music, reading, photography and videography.

August 14, 2023

[Competition now closed] 

Looking for a colouring competition 2023? Or maybe you just want to win a prize. You’ve come to the right place!

Here, I’ll provide you with the information you’ll need to know about this exciting opportunity to showcase your colouring skills and gain the chance to win a free book!

Sword Master Running Pose
Six Important Questions


Anyone aged 10 and up can enter, and there are three categories for different age groups.

Category 1: Ages 10-13

Category 2: Ages 14-18

Category 3: Ages 19 and up

As this competition is online, it isn’t restricted to one country or city.


You’ll have a chance to win your own copy of the Origin of Sword Master: Second Chances. Already own Second Chances? No matter, you’ll receive $27 off your next book purchase from

To enter, just submit your version of the Sword Master colouring in page, which is provided as a pdf download on this page and the entry form page too.

To examine the finished artworks and determine a winner, there will be a panel of judges. Extra points will be added if you:

a. Colour within the lines.

b. Fill the entire page (rather than just the character at the front).

c. Colour neatly and evenly unless shading or creating textures.

d. Show extra creativity (for example, adding patterns to the background, or even glitter-glue, sequins, rhinestones and other craft items).

e. Show an understanding of lighting and/or show good colour theory and harmony throughout the artwork (don’t worry, these ones will only be implemented if it’s a very tough decision at the end).

There are a few little rules to follow to ensure fairness for other contestants.

Category 1&2: You may use any traditional medium (such as markers, pencils, charcoal, paint, crayon, etc.). Just no digital art, please. Oh, and make sure to gain parent or guardian consent before you enter.

Category 3: You may use any medium, including digital art.


The competition is open from 1st September 2023. All entries must be submitted before 15th November 2023. Any entries submitted after this time will not be included. The judging will occur on the 16th November 2023 and winners will be announced on 23th November.


It will be happening right here on this website, and you can access the entry form at the end of this post. Download the printable colouring in page on this page too, near any Enter button.


Now for the answer to the question posed at the top. Why would I allow such a huge age range for this competition, when the books are aimed at teenagers? Well, it’s quite simple. I believe that no one should be excluded from participating in a colouring contest just because of their age! When I turned 12, I found that I couldn’t enter very many colouring competitions for my age. And after turning 18, there were even less available. I was pretty upset; after all, I loved entering those contests. So, I’ve decided to give everyone the opportunity to continue colouring in, even when they’ve passed the age for these activities.


1. Click the ‘Download Colouring Page Here’ button at the top or bottom of this page.

2. Print the download.

3. Colour in the picture.

4. Scan or take a clear picture of your finished artwork. Keeping it as a jpeg, jpg or png is ideal but not compulsory.

5. Upload that photo to a file-sharing service, such as Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, WeTransfer etc. Make sure the file is able to be edited or downloaded by anyone, or I will not be able to access it.

6. Fill in the entry form with your details (or optionally your parent/guardians’ details, if you’re in Category 1 or Category 2) and paste the link to your artwork in the allocated space.

7. Submit the form, and you’re done! I’ll email you to let you know if you’ve won after the judgement date. You can also look out for updates on Instagram and Facebook, @absuperheroes.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to win yourself a copy of an exciting new superhero book. Good luck. I look forward to seeing your colouring in!


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