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Tiger-eye Profile
James Power profile

AKA: James Power

Age: 30

Eyes: Green with yellow-gold squiggles

Hair: Medium length golden-blond, straight

Skin: Slightly sun-tanned fair, scar over one eye, various small scars over other areas of the body, signifying the many battles and fights survived

Temperament: Tolerant (to a point), good-natured, determined, lonely but doesn’t make friends for fear of losing them, protective, wary, hidden hurts from his past which he covers with generous donations to charities, innovative, creative

Likes: Grandfather, Rifle, Zoe Curry (secretly), justice, designing cars, fighting crime, pushing his body to the limits with training sessions, driving fast, solving difficult problems

Dislikes: Pain, excessive  or unnecessary violence, backstabbers, dealing with misbehaving kids

Powers: Trained mind to withstand high levels of pain, delay reaction to poisons and make connections between seemingly unrelated events, superior strength and athleticism, can fight without vision, vocal manipulation

Weaknesses: Not invulnerable, blind in one eye

Occupation: Owner and designer of Power Autos vehicles, manager of the business, crimefighter

Books: Second Chances, Captives of the Killer, Clash of the Powers


Tiger-eye holding a piece of paper and glaring