Sword Master

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Sword Master 15 profile
Rifle Power 15 profile

AKA: Rifle Power

Age: 17

Eyes: Bright Green

Hair: Vibrant orange, straight and unevenly cut

Skin: Fair, freckled

Temperament: Hot-tempered, impulsive, violent, ironically doesn’t like seeing others injured, socially awkward, self-motivated, stubborn, hard-working

Likes: Learning martial arts and mastering them, Tilly Summers, James and Grandfather Power, meat pies, rock music, the colour blue, spinach

Dislikes: Uncertainty, deception, villains, his freckles, comments about the colour of his hair, death, losing family

Powers: Creates fire from his hands, sword-fighting skills, smart detective-like reasoning

Weaknesses: Scared of large fires, not invulnerable, his temper, tendency to not look before he leaps

Occupation: School student, crimefighter, heir to Power Autos.

Books: Second Chances, Captives of the Killer, Clash of the Powers

Sword Master Fighting Pose