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Shockwave Profile
Tilly Summers profile

AKA: Tilly Summers

Age: 18

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Straight, long, black with golden strips

Skin: Light tan/olive

Temperament: Optimistic, friendly, creative, outgoing, social butterfly, sense of humour

Likes: Rifle, reading comics, hunting mythical creatures, James, making friends, confusing her enemies, Grandfather, the Bible, solving others’ problems

Dislikes: Parental control, bad guys, people who scorn comics or her ideas, Tyler

Powers: Was born with an ever-growing ability to create illusions, when charged with electricity can taser-shock opponents with a touch of her hands.

Weaknesses: Not invulnerable, runs out of electricity fast when using taser-power

Occupation: Being a good friend and influence (her parents don’t allow her to leave the house for the number of hours required in a real job), school student

Books: Second Chances, Captives of the Killer

Tilly at the bank with werewolf illusions