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Questionnaire profile
Xavier Johnson profile

AKA: Xavier Johnson, Q1U3est10nna1r3

Age: 17, robot body modelled after 17-year-old

Eyes: Reddish-brown

Hair: Glossy medium brown

Skin: Dark tan

Temperament: Sense of humour, friendly, open, honest, chatty, above-genius smart but very naive due to very little time outside his home.

Likes: Making friends, being a superhero, assisting others

Dislikes: Programming restrictions placed by his creator, Frederick Johnson

Powers: Imitating any other superpowers, jetpack flight, molecular transportation, increased strength, ‘lightning mode’ (allowing him to move incredibly fast)

Weaknesses: Any damaged areas on him exposed to water cause short-circuiting, excess electrical input (like lightning strike) causes momentary insanity and out-of-control behaviour, Frederick Johnson’s programming restrictions (meaning he can’t use his greater powers until he’s told to)

Occupation: Security guard for Johnson Electrical