Origin of Sword Master: Second Chances

      ‘I want to stop bad things from happening to others. I know I couldn’t have done anything for my parents, but maybe I could save others’ lives if I was a superhero.’ – Rifle


Rifle Young’s life is turned upside down when a fire destroys his home and separates him from his family, leaving him only with his twin brother, Tyler. A mysterious superhero named Tiger-eye takes the twins to their new home, a huge mansion owned by billionaire James Power. Rifle decides to become a superhero like his adopted dad, but strange events keep preventing Tiger-eye from continuing his training. Rifle knows someone is out to hurt them. It’s up to him to find out who is responsible and stop the villain before his evil goal is achieved… but what is the villain’s goal? And how will Rifle manage when he doesn’t even know who he’s up against?


Author: Alisa Beagley

Binding: Paperback

Chapters: 23

Colour type: Full colour

Format: A5

Number of pages: 156

Place in series: Book 1 of 5


Rifle Power profile

Rifle Power

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Sword Master

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James Power

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Grandfather Power

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Tyler Power

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Tilly Summers

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Killer Kaine

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Dr Tener

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Amelia Young

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Jason Young

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Kaine Young

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Ninja Star

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