Origin of Sword Master: Captives of the Killer

      ‘Just because they were nice doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen to them.’ – Fiona

      Rifle caught a glimpse of cruel, hard eyes, startlingly familiar. The perfect face stared stonily at him, and black-gloved hands reached into the white-seamed robes. The click of a weapon being loaded jolted Rifle out of his frozen state.

      ‘You…’ His breath caught in his throat.


Rifle and his adopted dad, James, are kidnapped, but no one knows they’re alive! They must find a way to escape, but that proves difficult with high-security rooms, highly trained guards and dangerous weapons at the villain’ disposal. Ambitious teenager, Tilly, teams up with Grandfather to capture ‘werewolves’ that supposedly committed bank robberies. Tilly thinks there’s a connection between Rifle and James’ disappearances and the werewolves, but how will she be able to prove her theory? And can Rifle find a way to get himself and James free from their captor?


Author: Alisa Beagley

Binding: Paperback

Chapters: 31

Colour type: Full colour

Format: A5

Number of pages: 196

Place in series: Book 2 of 5


Rifle Power 15 profile

Rifle Power

James Power (long hair) profile

James Power

Grandfather Power profile

Grandfather Power

Tyler Power 15 profile

Tyler Power

Flame 15 profile


Tilly Summers 17 profile

Tilly Summers

Killer Kaine profile

Killer Kaine

Fiona Dan profile

Fiona Dan

Ninja Star profile

Ninja Star

Jason Young After Fire profile

Jason Young

Amelia Young profile

Amelia Young

Kaine Young profile

Kaine Young

Matt Benson profile

Matt Benson

Leon Charles profile

Leon Charles