Olivia Benson

Read the full Olivia Benson profile here! Discover all about her character, from her age and temperament to her likes and dislikes.

Olivia Benson profile

Age: 44

Eyes: Greyish-blue

Hair: Straight brown, dyed blonde at the tips

Skin: Sun-tanned

Temperament: Reserved and dignified but panics under pressure, stresses out easily

Likes: Her kids (Nathan and Jayden) and her husband (Matt), making cooking videos for her blog, ‘Olivia’s Cooking for Kids’

Dislikes: Matt’s long absences, not having total control of where her kids are, being bossy, being bossed around, receiving criticism

Skills: A talented cook and natural public speaker, multi-tasking expert

Occupation: Stay-at-home mum, blogger

Books: Clash of the Powers