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AKA: Fiona Dan

Age: 34

Eyes: Dark brown

Hair: Very dark brown with maroon highlights

Skin: Medium tan/olive

Temperament: Secretive, dignified, taunting and scornful, prides herself in a satisfactory work for her employers

Likes: Beauty and looking beautiful, sticking to shadows, being mysterious, making enemies so she has a reason to hurt them

Dislikes: Disrespect, being overlooked, most men in general, her hair and nails being messed up

Powers: None, but she has superior athleticism, flexibility and other abilities trained into her from a young age by a group of ninjas

Weaknesses: Her obsession with her appearance, not invulnerable

Occupation: Successful businesswoman (hiding her dark nature), supervillain

Books: Second Chances, Captives of the Killer

Fiona Dan turning around karate moves