Nathan Benson

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Nathan Benson profile

AKA: Nathan

Age: 12

Eyes: Bluish-purple

Hair: Short, black, spiked-up

Skin: Dark tan

Temperament: Open and friendly, playful and joking but with a solemn streak, determined, goes nowhere without his brother (Jayden)

Likes: Playing harmless practical jokes, being heroic, impressing others, his family

Dislikes: The colour brown, his eye colour, Killer Kaine, gangsters and eshays, kids that deliberately try to annoy him

Powers: Able to read current thoughts from human minds (not memories or hidden secrets), athletic

Weaknesses: Only human, can only read the mind of the one person he’s looking at (not multiple minds at one time)

Occupation: School student

Books: Clash of the Powers