Killer Kaine

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Killer Kaine profile
Kaine Young profile

AKA: Kaine Young

Age: 19

Eyes: Pale, icy blue with faint red glow

Hair: White-blond, straight, spiked-up, shaved at the sides

Skin: Fair

Temperament: Revenge-seeking, spiteful, cruel, enjoys taking prisoners, controlling, cold and calculating, scornful, manipulative

Likes: Having total control over every aspect of his life, exacting revenge, being feared, showing off his superiority, worthy competitors/enemies

Dislikes: Losing a fight, not noticing things, dealing with people politely, showing emotions like happiness or love

Powers: Incredible intelligence, memory skills, learns fast and doesn’t repeat a mistake, tech inventor, decent at martial arts, mind-controlling abilities

Weaknesses: Electromagnetic pulses scramble his brain, damaging his robot half of his mind, the human brain constantly conflicts the robot brain

Occupation: Inventor and supervillain, crime boss

Books: Second Chances, Captives of the Killer, Clash of the Powers

Killer Kaine staring into the distance