Jayden Benson

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Jayden Benson profile

AKA: Jayden

Age: 16

Eyes: Dark brown

Hair: Medium-length, black, wavy and hangs over one eye

Skin: Dark tan

Temperament: Quiet, shy, introvert, hates public speaking, a dry sense of humour with sarcasm (only around people he’s got to know)

Likes: Being alone or hanging out with his family, practising using his powers

Dislikes: Embarrassing himself, his stutter, tasers, villains and bullies (he considers them one and the same)

Powers: Can turn into shadow-form, taking anything with him that he’s touching at the time

Weaknesses: Only human, not eloquent with words, only human, relies on his brother’s confidence and doesn’t take initiative

Occupation: School student, worker at Umbre Burgers (the city’s most popular fast food store)

Books: Clash of the Powers