Jason Young

Jason Young pre-fire profile

Age: 25

Eyes: Green

Hair: Orange, straight and short

Skin: Fair

Temperament: Wants the best for his kids, willing to work hard for them, interested in robotics

Likes: His wife (Amelia) and kids, skateboarding in his spare time, taking photos for his photo album on his phone

Dislikes: Misunderstanding things, making Amelia upset

Skills: Beginnings of learning robotics, intermediate computer skills

Occupation: University student

Books: Second Chances

Jason Young After Fire profile

Age: 35

Eyes: Green with diamond-shaped pupils.

Hair: Orange, jawline length straight

Skin: Fair, mildly scarred from second degree burns

Temperament: Mournful, depressed, without purpose in life, easily influenced, not against stealing when it comes to starvation

Likes: Straightforward orders, pleasing people, Killer Kaine

Dislikes: Being told he’s disobedient, finding out he doesn’t know something, people who resist brainwashing

Powers: Able to brainwash people into doing or saying things agains their will, follows instructions without hesitation, heightened reflexes

Weaknesses: Only human, memories make him lose focus, has a severe phobia of fire

Occupation: None; homeless and without a job

Books: Captives of the Killer, Clash of the Powers



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