Grandfather Power

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Grandfather Power profile

AKA: Grandfather

Age: Prefers not to say (presumably late sixties)

Eyes: Pale blue

Hair: Wavy silvery-white

Skin: Tan and wrinkled with age

Temperament: Level-headed, calm under pressure, slightly sarcastic, hard worker, self-motivated

Likes: Keeping his grandson, James, and his great-grandson, Rifle, safe. Being respected, driving old cars with real engines

Dislikes: Those who put his family in danger, ageing, messy rooms, small and fiddly tasks (despite being very good at them)

Skills: Good businessman, car-designing skills, good at cooking, did some medical training in his younger days

Occupation: Full-time caretaker of Power Mansion, butler, chef, personal doctor for the Power family

Books: Second Chances, Captives of the Killer, Clash of the Powers

Grandfather opening a door