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Flame 15 profile
Tyler Power 15 profile

AKA: Tyler Power

Age: 17

Eyes: Bright green

Hair: Vibrant orange, styled into a mullet with long hair on top

Skin: Fair, freckled

Temperament: Prankster, weak-minded and easily influenced, jealous, wants to impress, wants to have everything he demands

Likes: Video games, cloak-and-dagger, annoying Sword Master/Rifle, working with Killer Kaine, using his invisible cape

Dislikes: Being told what to do, losing an argument, being told off by James or Killer Kaine (he doesn’t care about anyone else’s reactions)

Powers: Creates fire with his hands, a cape that turns the wearer invisible

Weaknesses: Not invulnerable, greedy, lazy, not committed to anyone other than Killer Kaine

Occupation: Weapons tester and henchman for Killer Kaine, school dropout

Books: Second Chances, Captives of the Killer, Clash of the Powers

Flame standing unmasked