Dr Tener

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Dr Tener profile

Age: 69

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Grey, slicked-back and straight

Skin: Naturally tan but almost sickly colour from amount of time spent indoors

Temperament: Kind to his patients, takes no nonsense, prone to scolding anyone who messes up, efficient

Likes: Things being tidy, the rewarding feeling of seeing his patients discharged properly recovered from their injuries and healthy

Dislikes: Insensitivity to patients’ needs, time-wasters, troublesome patients, being told to have a life outside the hospital.

Skills: A highly qualified doctor in ICU, best at treating nerve injuries and trauma, high success rate

Occupation: Doctor at Umbre Public Hospital

Books: Second Chances, Truth and Deceit, The Rise of a Hero

Dr Tener looking at a nurse’s clipboard