Baxter Jones

Read the full Baxter Jones profile here! Discover all about his character, from his age and temperament to his likes and dislikes.

Baxter Jones profile

AKA: Baxter

Age: 23

Eyes: Golden-brown

Hair: Thick, curly brown

Skin: Caramel brown

Temperament: Hot-tempered, loyal, cat-like mannerisms sometimes, struggles to accurately express emotions, friends for life with anyone who’s treats him kindly, forever enemies with cruel people

Likes: The way James, Rifle and Tilly treat him, cars (particularly Power sports models), orphans and nuns, choc chip cookies

Dislikes: Killer Kaine, Leon,  Matt, Tyler/Flame, cruelty, zucchinis

Powers: Can transform into a half-human, half-tiger hybrid, giving him speed, agility, damaging claws and night vision

Weaknesses: Unable to control his temper, not invulnerable, untrained in any form of martial arts and doesn’t have a clue how to use technology from the past 10 years

Occupation: Currently searching for day job

Books: Captives of the Killer, Clash of the Powers


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